SuperShyGuy64 is the Blueoak Gym Leader. He specializes in Swords, and is a Tier 4.

Appearance Edit

He is a ShyGuy with Black Clothes, And a Beacon Head.

Moves Edit

Nerves Of Steel:

Nerves of Steel will shut down your offense easily, so be ready with a powerful direct attack.

Serrated Strikes:

Serrated Strikes is Shyguy's primary damage dealer. If you are an archer class, be ready with something to disable it, as it will take advantage of low armor.

Iron Will:

Iron Will is the disabler of disablers. It will guarantee a hit on you, and will armor him up for 3 turns.


WindBlade is essentially half of Serrated Strikes, but it will push you very far away from him, making Potion Class and Archer Class weaker to him.

Rewards For Beating Edit

Blueoak Gym Badge