Greetings Shyguys of the universe. SuperShyGuy64 here to tell you all about Lewismon

Gameplay Edit

Lewismon is a turn-based pvp game.

Each player has 4 moves inside their own move book.

There are 4 types of moves you can use known so far. Potions ( NinjaBossPro's Specialty). Spiders (Redwidows212's Specialty). Bows (No Gym Leader Uses It Yet). and Swords (My Specialty).

Each type has different moves. such as Chemical Bomb for Potions and Serrated Strikes for Swords.

Ok. Since we got that stuff out of the way. Now i will tell you about how how you actually use these moves.

First of all you need to have learned a move before you can use it.

When you have learned a move you need to get the items needed for that move (unless you already have them).

Second of all. You need to get into a battle (you can do this in a lewismon gym or in a battle arena).

Once in a battle. If you have lighter armor than your opponent. you go first. if your opponents armor is lighter. they go first.

When it comes to your turn then you pick a move to use and then use it. simple as that.

You continue to do this until one of you wins. if you beat your opponent 3 times you get to learn one of their moves. but only one. after you have learned one move of theirs. you can't learn anymore of their moves. so choose carefully,

Each person has a certain amount of lives. if you are a normal person then you get 3 lives. if you are a gym leader then you get lives based on your tier. witch leads me to the second portion of the tutorial.

Gyms. Badges. And City's Edit

For each gym leader there is a gym. and for each gym there is a city.

In these city's there are Battle Arenas. Shops. Houses. And (of course) Gyms.

At the gyms you can fight the gym leader, Gym leaders specialize in a certain type.

Once you have beaten a gym leader. You get a badge.

And that is basically it for gyms.

and for the tutorial.

i might add some more stuff soon. but until then. Cya